Insurance Defense

Atlanta, Georgia Insurance Defense and Trial Lawyers

The attorneys at Austin & Sparks have nearly 70 years of combined experience in insurance defense. We have handled a broad range of insurance defense cases, from wrongful death to motor carrier liability, to automobile accident defense, to declaratory judgment actions, to premises liability. We represent individuals, corporations, municipalities, counties, and school systems. Our experienced attorneys work closely with their clients and are responsive to their needs and requests. We are also proactive with status reports so our clients remain up-to-date with how their cases are progressing. Depending on the facts surrounding an incident, each case requires an individual approach, and we are able to choose the approach that is best suited for our client. In select instances, a pre-suit mediation is the recommended strategy. However, more frequently, a thorough and sifting investigation into the Plaintiff’s claims is mandated. That way, we can significantly reduce the value of a case, and then settle it without the necessity of an expensive trial. When a trial is required, our attorneys, who are extremely familiar with trial practice, are ready to take the case to a jury and obtain a favorable verdict on behalf of our client.

We offer legal counsel and representation for the following insurance defense issues:

Motor Carrier Litigation:

Accidents in the trucking industry are far more likely to involve catastrophic injury or death, and a vigorous defense is required from the very moment it is apparent that a claim will be filed. Usually, that moment is when the accident occurs. We use our resources to evaluate the legitimacy of a claim, investigate the Plaintiff, and determine what violations were exhibited by the motor carrier and/or its driver, if any. In turn, we can properly advise our client as to the value of the case, as well as the most efficient method by and through which to dispose of the case.

Automobile Accident Defense:

Accidents happen. However, in certain instances, some claimants and their attorneys grossly inflate what they believe is a fair settlement amount. In turn, a lawsuit is filed. At that point, it is essential to have experienced attorneys who know how to properly litigate a case, and take it to trial if necessary. From the very inception of a lawsuit, our attorneys and paralegals diligently research the Plaintiff’s medical history, his/her social media pages, and his/her criminal background in order to assess the true value of a case. We then know how to handle the case moving forward so as to achieve a favorable result for the client.

Premises Liability:

The law firm of Austin & Sparks has decades of experience handling premises liability cases throughout the State of Georgia in both State and Federal court. People trip, and people fall. Unfortunately, many people necessarily equate a trip or fall on the property of another with fault of that property owner. Of course, this is not the black letter law of Georgia, and there are certain elements that must be shown by a Plaintiff in a case involving premises liability. Once a lawsuit is filed, it is essential to have experienced attorneys who know how to properly litigate a premises liability case, and take it to trial, if necessary. We engage in discovery specifically geared toward filing a Motion for Summary Judgment. We thoroughly investigate the Plaintiff’s medical history. If the case does go to trial, we are prepared to argue the case to the jury, and obtain a favorable verdict.

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