Premises Liability – Trips And Falls/Slips And Falls

Atlanta, Georgia Premises Liability Litigation and Trial Lawyers

When you enter the land or property of another, or when you are at a shopping center or other commercial establishment, you would like to believe that the area around you is free from hazards. In many circumstances, this is the case. However, in too many instances, the owner of a property or business knows or should know of a hazard and does nothing to point out that hazard or to otherwise reduce the risk of that hazard. In turn, innocent visitors or shoppers can become seriously injured as a result of that hazard. The kind of hazard can vary widely. It can be anything from a spilled foreign substance, to an unpainted curb, to ramps, stairways, or walkways that are not built to code. The injuries can often be severe – broken wrists, broken hips, broken arms, head and brain injuries, and even death. The key to establishing fault is showing that the owner of the premises knew or should have known about the hazard, and that the guest did not.

It is a well-known fact that property owners and owners of shopping centers and other commercial establishments that are open to the public do not like trip and fall or slip and fall claims. In most circumstances, they simply argue that the injured person “should have watched where they were going” or that the injured person “was not paying attention”. Generally speaking, an offer of settlement is not even provided to a trip and fall/slip and fall victim until a Judge determines that the case will go in front of a jury. Even then, the offer of settlement is often much less than what is necessary to fully compensate a person for his/her injuries. As such, you need an attorney who is experienced in actually litigating a case and getting the lawsuit to trial as opposed to one who thinks that a quick settlement will be offered by an insurance company.

At Austin & Sparks, we handle the following cases which lead to a trip and fall/slip and fall;

  • Slippery floor surfaces as a result of water, liquids, grease, oil, gasoline, or food;
  • Uneven stairs or stairs that are not built to code;
  • Unsafe ramps or sidewalks;
  • Unsafe balconies or railings;
  • Cords or wires on the ground;
  • Poor lighting; and
  • Blocked store isles.

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