Dram Shop Liability

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When you find out that the driver who hit you was drunk at the time of the collision, you are outraged. Aside from the fact that you sustained injuries and missed time from work, that driver should never have been on the road in the first place. If you are injured in an accident with another vehicle driven by a drunk driver, then your first step should be to hire an attorney from Austin & Sparks to handle your claim. That attorney will help you maximize your results against that irresponsible driver, and possibly obtain an award of punitive damages that will deter the driver from drinking and driving again.

What you may not know is the fact that you may also have a claim against any restaurant, nightclub, liquor store, convenience store, bar, or other establishment that served a driver prior to the accident if that driver was served irresponsibly. More specifically, it is wrong for a restaurant, nightclub, liquor store, convenience store, bar, or other establishment to serve a noticeably drunk person alcohol if it is apparent that the person will be driving. If alcohol is served to a noticeably intoxicated person who will be driving, the establishment that served the alcohol can also be held liable for your injuries. If a minor is served, it is not necessarily required that the minor be visibly drunk.

When a collision involves a drunk driver, our experienced attorneys will turn over every rock in an attempt to discover whether or not individuals and/or entities in addition to the drunk driver might be liable to you. In so doing, we will help you maximize your recovery for injuries caused by the reckless and callous actions of others.

Contact the law firm of Austin & Sparks today for an initial consultation regarding any injuries that you may have sustained as a result of a drunk driver. We have the experience to get you a solid result.