Employment Litigation

Atlanta, Georgia Employment Litigation and Trial Lawyers

In today's economic climate, employment litigation is on the rise. The law firm of Austin & Sparks, P.C., has experience in successfully handling employment litigation matters on behalf of both employees and employers.

We represent employers and employees in the following matters:

  • Employment discrimination and retaliation claims;
  • Covenants not to compete, non-solicitation clauses, and confidentiality clauses;
  • Contract disputes and non-payment of bonuses; and
  • Wage and hour claims (employees only).

In many instances, the termination of an employee immediately raises questions. From the employer's perspective, the termination is always warranted. From the employee's perspective, the termination is without cause. Although Georgia is an "at will" employment state, there are many nuances that must be examined, as there are numerous exceptions to the general rule that an employer can fire an employee for any reason or for no reason at all. In many instances, the firing of an employee is warranted. However, in many others, it is not. For instance, it is illegal to discriminate against employees on the basis of race, national origin, sex, age, religion, disability/handicap, or military service, among other things. Furthermore, an employer cannot terminate an employee because that employee reported certain violations to the authorities.

In today's competitive market, employers regularly utilize covenants not to compete, non-solicitation clauses, and confidentiality clauses. Such clauses can be rejected by a court if those clauses are oppressive or over broad. In light of recent changes made by the Georgia State Legislature in relation to employment contracts, retaining an attorney at the first sign of a dispute is imperative.

After a termination, the non-payment of bonuses and contract claims can arise if there is a contract governing the employment relationship. When it is clear that a controversy is not going to be resolved, it is critical to hire the attorneys at Austin & Sparks to represent your interests in relation to those claims.

It is a simple fact that both Federal and State laws protect an employee's right to fair wages that he/she has earned. When an employee works, he/she is legally entitled to receive fair pay for the fruits of his/her labor - pay that is dictated by law. Unfortunately, in many instances, some employers do not follow the law and take advantage of their employees. We represent employees in claims for unpaid overtime, commissions, and wages.

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