Construction & Contract Disputes

Atlanta, Georgia Construction and Contract Dispute Litigation and Trial Lawyers

In the world of construction, disputes are inevitable. It necessarily follows that construction disputes that are not immediately resolved can significantly increase the cost associated with a particular project, or worse, destroy the project itself. Our lawyers are familiar with issues that routinely appear on construction projects, and they are adequately prepared to tackle those issues with the best interest of the client in mind. Our strength is in identifying all material issues surrounding a particular construction dispute, and then resolving those issues before litigation arises. However, should it become necessary to litigate a case with an eye towards trial, the attorneys at Austin & Sparks are experienced in examining all documentation, retaining experts, and preparing the case for presentation to a jury. We take pride in our ability to provide solid legal advice and effective representation through our knowledge of the law. In cases involving non-payment, we have experience in filing liens and bond claims, and then forcing the payment of the debt prior to the filing of a lawsuit. However, if necessary, we will file a lawsuit to perfect the lien or bond. In many instances, we are retained to take steps in order to collect a judgment that is obtained on behalf of our client.

Throughout the years, our attorneys have vigorously represented general contractors, subcontractors, materialmen, suppliers, and owners in the following areas:

  • Claims and lawsuits arising from bidding and change orders;
  • Claims and lawsuits arising from quality of workmanship;
  • Claims and lawsuits arising from breach of contract;
  • Claims and lawsuits arising from performance and payment; and
  • Materialmen liens and payment bonds.

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