Negligent Construction

Atlanta, Georgia Negligent Construction Litigation and Trial Lawyers

The attorneys at Austin & Sparks have represented both builders and individuals in cases involving negligent construction. In many instances, it can be many months, and even years, after the construction of a building before it is discovered that something is wrong. Once a problem is found, it is imperative that the attorneys hired to handle the case move quickly in order to obtain all relevant documentation while it is still available. More often than not, we will utilize our network of experts to assist us with an honest evaluation of a claim. In turn, we can provide the best advise to our client in relation to pursuing or defending a claim alleging negligent construction. As is the case with many other forms of construction litigation, a trial can be very expensive, and we often utilize various forms of alternative dispute resolution in an effort to attain maximum results for our client with the expenditure of minimal capital. However, should it become necessary to take the case to trial, the attorneys at Austin & Sparks are experienced in that task, and will zealously represent their client with passion and vigor.

Some problems that are routinely seen in negligent construction cases involve the following:

  • Roof defects;
  • Water incursion;
  • Stucco;
  • Poor ventilation;
  • Outdoor drainage problems;
  • Failure to properly divert water flow away from a structure;
  • Foundation cracks;
  • Mold;
  • Improper framing and support systems; and
  • Negligent HVAC installation.

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