Motor Carrier Defense

Atlanta, Georgia Motor Carrier Litigation and Trial Lawyers

The law firm of Austin & Sparks has decades of experience handling cases involving motor contract carriers and motor common carriers throughout the State of Georgia. It is crucial to note that incidents in the trucking industry are far more likely to involve catastrophic injury or death, and a vigorous defense is required from the very moment it is apparent that a claim will be filed. In most circumstances, the filing of a claim where a tractor-trailer is involved in an accident is an absolute certainty – regardless of fault. We utilize the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, state law, and other industry standards to evaluate the validity of the claim, as well as any factors that might make the claim more serious. Our attorneys regularly utilize experts to assist in case evaluation. Finally, we dig deeply into the claimant’s past in order to determine any pre-existing conditions that the claimant blames on the accident. In turn, we can provide efficient and knowledgeable legal strategies to minimize the impact of tractor-trailer accidents. Quite simply, our goal in the defense of tractor-trailer claims is to get our client the best possible resolution with the least financial impact, whether that means early resolution outside of litigation through settlement, or the vigorous defense of a frivolous lawsuit.

Attorneys at Austin & Sparks continually attend courses and seminars which concentrate on motor carrier litigation. They are also involved in major national industry groups whose focus is on law and issues affecting common carriers. Our attorneys are members of the Trucking Industry Defense Association and the Defense Research Institute.

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