Automobile Accident Defense

Atlanta, Georgia Automobile Accident Defense Litigation and Trial Lawyers

The law firm of Austin & Sparks has decades of experience handling cases involving automobile accidents throughout the State of Georgia. It is a simple fact of life that accidents happen. However, in certain instances, some claimants and their attorneys grossly inflate what they believe is a fair settlement amount. In turn, a lawsuit is filed. At that point, it is essential to have experienced attorneys who know how to properly litigate a case, and take it to trial, if necessary. From the very inception of a lawsuit, our attorneys and paralegals diligently research the Plaintiff’s medical history, their social media pages, and their criminal background in order to assess the true value of a case. In many instances, we find that a Plaintiff is complaining of conditions and injuries similar to those that they had experienced previously. When we find similar conditions or injuries in the past, the value of a case is reduced. It is reduced even further if a Plaintiff fails to identify those previous injuries and/or conditions during the discovery phase of litigation, which is thorough and sifting. Furthermore, an investigation into what a Plaintiff posts online can reveal a very different perspective on the case than what is provided through the wording of a Complaint and deposition testimony. In this day and age, online investigation is just as important as traditional forms of investigation involving the procurement of prior medical records and surveillance. In fact, in many cases, it can yield superior results. Finally, experts are sometimes utilized in order to counter a Plaintiff’s assertion that an accident caused a particular injury when the facts clearly indicate the contrary.

Once all facts have been developed, we often use a mediator in an attempt to settle a case without the need for an expensive trial. In many instances, we find that this is an effective strategy, and yields superior results. However, if a trial becomes necessary, our attorneys have the confidence and skill to successfully present the case to a jury in either a Federal Court or State Court. Countless defense verdicts have been returned in favor of our clients. Even when money is awarded by the jury, the award is often less than the last demand.

Quite simply, we can provide efficient and knowledgeable legal strategies to minimize the impact of automobile accidents. Contact the law firm of Austin & Sparks today if you would like to discuss your defense of motor vehicle accidents.